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    The Startup Do’s and Don’ts


    It’s a sad reality, but many startup and early stage companies fail. Whether it’s a lack of capital, poor product-market fit or leadership inexperience, roughly 75 percent of all startups fail.

    Why do we accept failure as an inherent risk of founding a startup? Failure isn’t an option when you leave your life’s work on the chopping block. We don’t need any more early stage companies to taste defeat.

    After 20 years in business development, corporate development and law in the technology industry, I’ve seen my fair share of success and failure. This coupled with advising and investing in many startups myself, I’ve come to realize the Do’s & Don’ts that determine the path to success or road to failure.

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    The Real Reasons Startup Fail


    Learn the real reasons startups and early stage companies fail and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Showing all 2 results